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19-year-old student from China murdered in a suicide pact by her boyfriend



Salt Lake City, UT- On Friday, a 19-year-old international college student was killed when her boyfriend injected her with a lethal drug in a Utah hotel. He claimed that he killed her to “relieve her from suffering”, according to the police.

The boyfriend, Haoyu Wang, 26, also an international student from China, is enrolled in the same university as the victim.

According to the police, the murder is described as a “domestic violence-related homicide.”

The school and police are withholding the victim’s identity until her family is notified.

Allegedly, the two students made a suicide pact, and he ordered the drugs through the “dark web”.

Wang claimed that he killed the 19-year-old victim and that he attempted to kill himself in the same way.

The investigation showed that Wang had allegedly threatened the woman and had been charged in January with one count of assault for domestic violence.

In a letter to students and faculty, University of Utah Chief Safety Officer Keith Squires and Vice President for Student Affairs Lori McDonal addressed the “devastating” death of a student.

“The death of any young person embarking on adult life is devastating,” they wrote. “On behalf of the university, we extend our heartfelt grief and sympathy to the family, friends and classmates of the victim during this incredibly difficult time.”