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Horse can’t get enough of pregnant owner’s baby bump: “She’s going to be a great big sister!”



A horse was completely raptured by a woman’s pregnant belly and did not turn her head away from it for quite a while. The four-legged friend named Angel has developed a special interest in Megan Vaughan’s baby bump and always wants to do a little inspection of her belly.

“Every time I’m with my horse, she has to do a belly check,” Megan wrote on YouTube as she posted the heartwarming video. Angel is already building a relationship with the little one, and Megan has no doubt that the gentle horse will be a great present in the baby’s life.

“She’s going to be a great big sister!” Megan added.

After Megan shared the precious moment on YouTube, she was asked, “Does she do that in pasture?” “Yes!” she replied. “Pretty much every time I’m around her.”