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A man who pretended to be a police officer, pulled over, kidnaped and raped helpless woman in his car leaving her with long-term consequences



According to the police officials, the 35-year-old suspect was taken into custody on Tuesday, Aug. 10. Authorities charged him with: impersonating a public officer, sexual battery on a victim over 18, kidnapping, third-degree grand theft and false imprisonment.

His name is Justin Evans and he began following a vehicle that left a convenience store with a female driver and two female passengers inside. He was allegedly driving a dark blue Chevrolet Malibu that had blue LED lights mounted to the dashboard to give the appearance that he was driving a police vehicle. The victim said that the suspect turned on the LED lights and proceeded to have her pull over her vehicle into an apartment complex in Florida.

According to the police officials:

“The suspect approached the vehicle and identified himself as a law enforcement officer conducting a narcotics investigation. All three victims were ordered out of the vehicle and told to put their hands on the hood while Evans searched their bodies. Evans advised one of the women, a 27-year-old black female, that she was under arrest. He tied her hands behind her back with a zip tie then placed her in the backseat of his car. Evans drove the victim to a nearby apartment complex where she was sexually battered inside his vehicle.”

The victim said that after the he raped her, he then put her back in his vehicle and drove her back near where he had originally pulled her vehicle over and let her out of the car. She then called the sheriff’s office and reported that she had been raped. Deputies located him driving the same vehicle. He was taken into custody. He is currently being held without bond.