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A third suspect is in custody after a fatal shooting Wednesday evening in Orem



UTAH – According to the police officials, his name is Chance Nuttall and he turned himself in to authorities about 20 hours after the fatal shooting.

This unfortunate incident left one juvenile dead and two others wounded.

Police say he was the driver of a car that he and two other males took to the scene of a proposed drug deal at 780 North 165 East, in Orem.

One of those other males left the car and got into the vehicle of four juveniles who allegedly initiated the meeting in hopes of buying drugs.

A second juvenile male exited their vehicle armed with a rifle and approached the alleged buyers’ vehicle.

Investigators say he then stuck the rifle through the rear driver’s side window and attempted to rob the four juveniles.

Two of the juveniles in the vehicle grabbed the barrel of the rifle.

A shot was fired during this and victim three was hit in the leg. Two other shots were fired during the struggle at this point.

When the officers arrived on scene, they found out that one of the juveniles who had been shot in the neck was dead. Two others were wounded. A fourth juvenile in the car was not hurt.