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Man saves the life of a stranger trying to jump off a bridge on I-15 



“I immediately knew, okay, it’s all on me and I thought if this guy jumps Joe it’s on you” says Joe Tuia’ana.

That day, Joe was driving his daughter to a basketball game when he saw the man standing on the other side of the overpass, ready to jump into oncoming I-15 traffic below.

“I was completely overwhelmed with fear, I was walking nice and slow and I had a feeling to just open my arms to this guy” Joe says.

While he walked the 20 yard to the fence, he tried to talk to the man and show him some love.

“I asked Jesus to soften his heart to let him know that I loved him” Joe says.

It is not easy to choose what to say when trying to save a person from a suicide.

For around 5 minutes, Joe was getting closer and closer to the man, and he said that he needed help.

“I stepped up onto the ledge of the fence, I pulled myself up and grabbed him, he kept looking at me and I could tell this man, this guy, was hurting and I said I love you.”, said Joe.

The two slid down the barricade and sat there until authorities showed up.

“There was a peace, he was shaking and just holding onto me and I just held this guy, and we did not say anything else” Joe says.

There are resources available for anyone with suicidal thoughts.

The Utah Suicide Prevention line is 800-273-TALK.