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Mitt Romney Booed Into Oblivion By Republicans in Utah



UTAH – On Saturday, the Utah Republican Party held its organizing convention. Mitt Romney, as one of the two Republican senators for the state, was present. He was one of the few Republicans who voted to convict former president Donald Trump at his second impeachment trial following the Capitol riots and has been outspoken against Trump for years.

The Republicans of Utah did not forget about this and booed Romney into oblivion when he tried to speak at the convention.

Shortly thereafter, the Utah Republican Party held a vote to censure Romney for his impeachment vote and past comments about Trump. That vote did not pass.

Outside of the impeachment trial, Romney criticized Trump over various decisions throughout his four years in office, a rare neysayer from within the party. The above video is merely an example of the kind of reception Romney will likely receive from Utah voters for the foreseeable future.