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Summit County offering a Pfizer vaccine clinic for teenagers



PARK CITY, Utah- The Summit County Health Department is holding a Covid-19 vaccine clinic for teenagers in the county, offering only the Pfizer vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is the lone vaccine approved for teens 16 to 18 years old.

Officials told KSL the clinic will be open Monday, April 19th from 10 am to 8 pm outside the Eccles Center at Park City High School.

“We didn’t have as much Pfizer in this county and so 27% of our youth, we’ll call them, age 16 and 17 have received the first dose, and only 3% have received both doses,” said Derek Moss, Summit County Health Department’s Nursing Director who’s also in charge of the county’s vaccination rollout.

Moss said the clinic came to be after realizing that much of the county’s older populations who wanted a vaccine, had one.

He said at least 73% of people in the county have had at least one dose.

“Now we’re reaching that saturation point where a good majority of people who want to get the vaccine have had it, and so we’re trying to figure out those who haven’t had the opportunity, how can we reach them.”

Moss said they teamed up with Nomi Health, which has a mobile clinic that can bring their vaccine doses into the county to work specifically with high school kids.

“When Pfizer is ordered the minimum order is right around 1200 doses per delivery unit. And it’s a pretty big allotment, and so it works better this way where they’ve got a mobile unit that can go an utilize these instead of committing 1200 of those units to Summit County,” he said.

Appointments will be needed to attend the clinic. Moss said this is a fairly recent idea and so they are still hammering out details on sign-ups. You can check the Summit County Health Department website for information as it becomes available.