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Utah counts Utah County man as latest fatality from COVID-19



Utah counted one more death Monday in the state’s losses from COVID-19. The casualty was a man in Utah County over 85.

The Utah Department of Health released coronavirus data daily, though it does not provide the identity of those who were killed by the virus, as investigated by UDOH. The state health department says there are 148 people currently hospitalized, higher than totals last week. That state also reported 164 new cases since Sunday and 3,492 vaccines.

The picture data shows is one of slowing infections but also slowing vaccinations, a problem that Utah government and health leaders are trying solve by making the vaccine more accessible to more people.

According to aggregating website, on Sunday the U.S. ranked seventh in new deaths. Vaccines have lowered the daily deaths in the U.S. from the world leader to 289 reported Sunday, the last day for which full data is available. India, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Peru and Iran all had more, India had the most daily by far with 4,092.

India also had the most new cases by a wide margin with 281,860 Sunday. Brazil was next with 36,862 and the U.S. was a distant third with 17,834.

Total COVID-19 deaths so far by nation according to

  • USA — 600,147
  • Brazil — 435,823
  • India — 274,411



  • We will report 402,731 positive cases today. This is an increase of 164 new cases since yesterday.


  • We will report 2,411,343 total vaccines administered which is 3,492 more than yesterday.

Lab Tests:

  • We will report 2,640,203 people tested. This is an increase of 2,423 people tested since yesterday.
  • We will report 4,817,295 total tests. This is an increase of 4,565 tests since yesterday.


  • The rolling 7-day average for positive tests is 311 per day.
  • The rolling 7-day average for percent positivity of “people over people” is 6.6%. The rolling 7-day average for percent positivity of “tests over tests” is 3.6%.


  • There are 148 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19. Total hospitalizations from the beginning of the outbreak are 16,532.