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Utah veteran’s trailer stolen from his driveway



PROVO, UT – Jerry Bowman is the Utah veteran who was a victim of a burglary, right at his home.

He and his wife Pam are asking for help, as they were getting ready for their upcoming trips in their renovated 1965 Airstream trailer. Their dreams crashed when someone stole it from their driveway on Saturday.

“And, it was just gone,” Bowman said.

It’s 17-feet long, which is considered to be a smaller trailer.

They renovated it with love, they handcrafted the cabinets and even put the same mattress as they have at home.

“We put the garbage can cabinet up on an ad on KSL Classifieds. If they want it, they have to reach out to us!” Bowman joked.

Jerry Bowman has served in the military for 20 years and was teaching mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University for 19 years.

“I wanted to spend the next 20 in my trailer, traveling with my wife,” Bowman said.

He is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who finds his trailer, hoping that he will be back on track as soon as possible with their retirement plans.

Contact Provo Police if you have any information.