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Utah’s Republican Governor Says GOP Needs To Allow For Differences Between Cheney And Trump, Lee And Romney



UTAH – Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox said it was “no secret” that the Republican Party is ‘very divided” over the legacy of President Trump but noted that a big tent party will always have divisions.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper, Cox said there was room in the party for both of Utah’s senators — pro-establishment Mitt Romney and pro-Trump libertarian Mike Lee.

GOV. SPENCER COX: Well, it shows that we’re very divided as a party. And that’s no secret. I’m not the first person to say that. But, as we talk about broadening the tent and bringing in a new generation of Republicans, we really have to allow for those types of differences. We’re — again, we’re seeing that here in Utah. This is playing out everywhere. You referenced the convention that took place last week. I think what’s remarkable — and you did hear that — that clip of the boos, and Senator Romney certainly got the brunt of that. But the resolution to censure him actually failed. And that was with, again, a small number of delegates, theoretically, the most passionate and maybe extreme number of delegates. But the truth is that we believe here in Utah that there is room in the party for both Senator Mitt Romney and Senator Mike Lee. And they’re working together on some really important legislation. And I hope there’s room in the party for all of those voices.