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Woman saved from a burning house by her dog



AMERICAN FORK, UT  –  Last month a fire broke out in a house in American Fork, and MaKayla Bernardo Fox’s mother was sleeping inside.

She says that their family dog is the reason why her mother is alive, as the dog Bleu was the only one with her at home.

When the fire began to spread, Bleu began to bark loudly in order to wake up the sleeping woman.

“He went to the back glass door, and he started barking,” said Fox. “He was barking really loud, trying to get my mom — obviously he knew my mom was inside,” she added.

But her mother was sleeping tight and didn’t hear the fire alarm nor the dog barking.

Luckily, two officers appeared to be in the neighborhood on their lunch break and noticed smoke in the air. When they approached the house, they heard loud screams through the front door.

“The dog had been barking really loud, so what they thought was screaming was actually Bleu, still trying to get my mom’s attention,” said Fox.

Then the officers smashed the door and rushed to rescue Fox’s mother as the fire and smoke were spreading quick.

“They basically said that if it wasn’t for her getting out, at that moment, she would have passed away just because of the fire,” said Fox.

Neighbors were able to save two of the woman’s Chihuahuas from the house. Unfortunately, Bleu didn’t manage to leave the house.

“Our family dog passed away, but we’re super lucky. Because if it wasn’t for Bleu, my mom probably wouldn’t have made it, because they wouldn’t have known she was in the house,” said Fox.

She’s now created a GoFundMe page to help her family, especially her parents who have lived there for 30 years, move forward after the fire.