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4-day-old baby boy reunited with mother after he was allegedly abducted from his home



A four-day-old baby boy has been reunited with his mother after the child was allegedly taken from his home in Alabama Tuesday afternoon. The heartwarming reunion was captured on camera. The terrifying ordeal began around 2 p.m. Tuesday when police were called to a home in Alabama.

Deputies had been told that while Kamarion Taylor’s mother was taking a nap the baby was taken from either his playpen or crib. Shortly after Kamarion was reported missing, Lakesha Brown, 37, was arrested. However, Kamarion had not been located. According to family members, Brown had befriended the child’s mother while she was pregnant and she also claimed to be pregnant.

Tasha Taylor, the maternal grandmother, said she believes Brown had been planning the abduction for awhile. That day Brown accompanied the child’s mother when she took Kamarion to a doctor’s appointment. Later that day Brown shared photos of her and the child on her Facebook.

Thankfully, four hours after Kamarion went missing, he had been found safe. Police reunited the four-day-old boy with his mother, and the emotional reunion was captured on camera.

While the baby’s mother did not want to speak following the recovery of her child, she did thank everyone who was involved in searching for her boy.

“It took a lot of people working in areas around Jefferson County, even just chasing down tips that we had,” Jefferson County sheriff’s Deputy Chief David Agee said. “Today we had a happy ending thanks to a lot of hard work.” Brown is currently being held in jail and faces a kidnapping charge in connection with the abduction of Kamarion Taylor.