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8 more COVID-19 deaths in Utah, other data stable



Utah counted eight new COVID-19 deaths Tuesday, including four people who passed away before March 20, but had their deaths investigated to declare a cause.

One of those killed by coronavirus was a man between 25 and 44 years old from Weber County. Three of those who died were over 85. Residents were from Carbon, Salt Lake, Sanpete, Uintah, Utah and Weber counties.

Utah Department of Health does not provide the identity of those killed but reports vital statistics about them. Utah’s total killed now numbers 2,174 people since the pandemic started in the state in March, 2020.

Hospitalizations remained stable with 138 people currently hospitalized. In a state with approximately 3.2 million people, 15,959 have received hospital care for the virus. The rest of Tuesday’s data from UDOH is lower in this story.

Before Tuesday’s totals, the state had reported 4.49 million tests taken by 2.49 million people. The state’s population is approximately 3.2 million.


According to data aggregating site, Utah ranks as follows compared to other states using Monday’s data, the last day from which a complete set of data was available:

  • Total cases — 392,957 — #27
  • New cases — 200 — #27
  • Total deaths — 2,166 — #39
  • Total recovered — 382,253 — #20
  • Active cases — 8,538 — #36
  • Total cases per 1 million population — 122,571 — #5
  • Deaths per 1 million population — 676 — #46
  • Total tests — 4,496,514 — #26
  • Tests per 1 million population — 1,402,549 — #20
  • Population — 3.2 million — #30

In two Utah school districts, in Kane and San Juan counties, parents can give children an exemption from wearing a face mask by filling out an online form without a doctor’s note.

The current statewide health order reads that K-12 schools “may” require a medical note, but they do not have to. The Utah Department of Health said it is required that those students actually have a medical condition.



  • We will report 393,272 positive cases today. This is an increase of 315 new cases since yesterday.


  • We will report 1,916,922 total vaccines administered which is 18,065 more than yesterday.

Lab Tests:

  • We will report 2,498,939 people tested. This is an increase of 5,100 people tested since yesterday.
  • We will report 4,510,088 total tests. This is an increase of 13,574 tests since yesterday.


  • The rolling 7-day average for positive tests is 375 per day.
  • The rolling 7-day average for percent positivity of “people over people” is 6.7%. The rolling 7-day average for percent positivity of “tests over tests” is 3.2%.


  • There are 138 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19. Total hospitalizations from the beginning of the outbreak are 15,959.


We will report 2,174 total deaths. Eight more than yesterday. ***Four of the deaths occurred prior to March 20, 2021.***

  1. Female, older than 85, Uintah County resident, long-term care facility resident
  2. Female, between 65-84, Carbon County resident, not hospitalized
  3. Female, between 65-84, Salt Lake County resident, not hospitalized
  4. Male, between 25-44, Weber County resident, hospitalized
  5. Male, older than 85, Utah County resident, long-term care facility resident
  6. Female, older than 85, Sanpete County resident, long-term care facility resident
  7. Female, between 65-84, Weber County resident, hospitalized
  8. Female, between 45-64, Uintah County resident, hospitalized