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Corrections officer held a woman hostage and was killed by the police during chase



West Jordan, UT- On Thursday, a man that turned out to be a correctional officer was shot and killed by police after he held a woman hostage and triggered multiple police pursuits.

It all started around 11 a.m. on Thursday in West Jordan, when the police officers were alerted about a woman being held against her will by a man with a handgun.

Reportedly, they were previous coworkers.

Somehow, the woman freed herself from the man, and he began to chase her. Then the officers found the vehicle he was driving near Jordan Landing and started the vehicle chase, but due to safety reasons, the pursuit was stopped.

A while later, he was located again and the officers started a chase again, but once more the pursuit was stopped.

The investigators were trying to get in touch with the man and negotiate his surrender, and once again the police started a chase.

They were finally able to get him, as they spiked his tires and he began to run on foot with a gun in his hand.

Near 11400 S. Redwood Road in South Jordan, officers shot the man, and he died at the scene. Officers from the West Jordan Police Department, South Jordan Police Department and Unified Police Department were involved in the shooting, although it’s unclear how many officers actually fired shots at the suspect.

There was also present a K-9 present, and at some point of the incident the 6-year-old Belgian Malinois Maya from the West Jordan Police Department was killed. Everyone expressed their condolences to Maya’s handler and the entire department who knew and loved Maya.

The investigation remains open.