PROVO, Utah – It’s become a lot easier to get a COVID-19 vaccine in several Utah cities.

Multiple counties are offering walk-in clinics starting Monday, May 3. This includes the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, Utah, where you can get a shot without an appointment.Salt Lake County Health Department is running the walk-in clinic for the vaccine in an effort to reach more people as demand has slowed across the state.

Many people say they still face trouble booking an appointment online or through the phone. Others have struggled to set aside time to get the shot, noting odd work hours and the inability to take time off from their jobs.

The Bear River Health Department is also offering walk-in clinics in both Logan and Brigham City, Utah, starting Monday. BRHD spokesman, Joshua Greer, said to the “Herald Journal” that of the 2,400 available appointments this week, they were only able to fill 700 with an appointment.

“There’s definitely been a decline in demand,” Greer said.

The group of people that were really anxious to get out and get it, we’ve reached them and now people are just trickling in, so we’re trying to look for how to reach some that we haven’t reached before.

Salt Lake County Health said it has 20 thousand doses to distribute between the Expo and Maveraik Centers. Patients do not need to be living in Salt Lake City to come to the walk-in clinics.