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Thieves Steal Three Cars From One West Jordan Family



WEST JORDAN, Utah – An entire cul-de-sac was victimized in West Jordan after a rash of burglaries, but one house got hit harder than any other.

“We sleep with our windows open and some of the neighbors say they don’t even lock the doors on their cars,” said Eric McKenna.

McKenna said his home on Adamson Circle has always been safe, but early Saturday morning, it came under siege. He estimated about a dozen cars parked in driveways or on the street were burglarized.

“They just went through as many cars as they could as fast as they could,” said McKenna. “You can see them on cameras, they’re going through everybody’s cars.”

Surveillance video showed one suspect rifling through cars around 1 a.m. He took his time, meticulously searching each vehicle, but when he got to McKenna’s house, he went even further.

The burglar broke into the family’s backyard through the fence and then through the doggie door. From there, he got into the garage and then into the house where the McKennas and their six kids were sleeping.

The family’s two dogs, who are normally very vocal, were surprisingly silent.

“They were quiet. We didn’t hear anything, so we really believe they drugged the dogs somehow because they were quiet. They weren’t barking. There was nothing out of the dogs,” said McKenna.

Once inside, the thief rummaged through cupboards and drawers until he found three sets of keys. He took off after that, but a couple hours later, he came back with friends.

Surveillance video showed them opening the garage door and driving away with three of the family’s vehicles.

“Really, all three?! What the heck?!” joked McKenna.

Even though McKenna laughed it off, having three vehicles stolen was a huge blow to his family. However, he still managed to find a silver lining.

“I’m really grateful that nobody got hurt,” he said. “It could’ve ended a lot worse than what it did.”

He said his advice is don’t get a doggie door.

The thieves also stole tools and other valuables from half a dozen other people in the neighborhood.

McKenna described the stolen vehicles as a blue GMC Yukon, a gray Acura MDX and a red Nissan Altima with a superman sticker in the back window.

Anyone with information has been asked to call the West Jordan Police Department.