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Utah’s ‘constitutional carry’ gun law won’t apply on Hill AFB



UTAH — Although the Utah legislature passed House Bill 60 to remove the requirement for state residents over the age of 21 to acquire a permit in order to legally carry a concealed firearm, Hill AFB security officials want you to know the law will not apply on base.

Utah is the latest state to adopt a “constitutional carry” law, joining 16 other states that allow concealed carrying of firearms without a permit.

Nate Huven, chief of plans and programs for the 75th Security Forces Squadron, said the new state law that took effect May 5 will not change the policies or procedures on base.

“This new change of state law will not change anything on base, because Hill Air Force Base is federal property,” Huven said. “Subsequently, there will not be a change with our gate-to-domicile concealed carry policy.”

Base residents who wish to carry concealed from their residence directly on and off base will still need to qualify for and be issued a state concealed carry permit.

The state will continue the original program of issuing concealed carry permits, as they are still applicable for state-to-state travel with a firearm, and other situations such as base residents transporting personal firearms on and off the installation.

The state’s permit program will also still require an applicant criminal background check and attendance of a training course with suicide prevention video from a certified instructor.

In addition, prohibited areas covered under either state or federal law remain in effect regardless of whether an individual is a permit holder or not.

Some examples of prohibited firearm restricted areas are school grounds, airport secured areas, federal facilities, courts, correctional and mental health facilities, law enforcement secured areas, churches and private residence where notice is given or posted.

For questions regarding Hill AFB firearm regulations, refer to Hill AFB Instruction 31-106, Control of Privately Owned Firearms.