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Woman in Utah befriends arresting officer after they become neighbors



PROVO, Utah – One of the most famous faces of Utah law enforcement agencies is the Sergeant. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

Canon responds immediately to news coverage in Utah County, whether it’s a briefing to the general public or coverage of an incident.

During his decorated career in law enforcement, he has been involved in many cases. Still, one is currently highlighted, especially for Facebook posts from unlikely sources.

In December 2008, Jessica Butterfield was pulled by Cannon and arrested, and an arrest warrant was issued.

“So I was 18 when I was arrested. I spent the night in jail. At that time he didn’t know it, but I was an active heroin user and I was addicted to it. . “

Butterfield admits that she was in the dark when Cannon arrested her. He didn’t arrest me at night. “

For the next few years, Butterfield fought hard to be clean, and with a support system she was able to break her addiction, and now she’s calm for 10 years.

“It’s been a struggle in life … obviously addiction isn’t a good life to live in,” she says.

Butterfield is currently living a happy life with her husband and children, but a neighbor has arrived.

Cannon moved right next to Butterfield and her family, and the two were happy neighbors with their children and grandchildren playing together.

“We move in and say,’Oh, I have a good neighbor,’” Cannon said. “I didn’t remember, and she didn’t, but she found me to be her arrester.”

It may not have been what I thought it might have happened 10 years ago, but the two are now laughing at a crazy coincidence.

“She is a great neighbor, and it’s very unbelievable that I can say that about someone I once took to jail,” Cannon said.

To them, neither seems like an unexpected and wonderful story, but others see it as a symbol of hope.

Jessica Butterfield posted their story on Facebook, and soon many began to comment on how her recovery story gave them hope.

“I thought a few family and friends would share it and get some laughter from it. I didn’t expect it to reach so many people,” Butterfield said.

“Reading the reply to the post she made, we shared and saw what they said by sharing many others (hundreds).” I’ve been 10 years. It’s clean, “Cannon added.

Ultimately, they agree to tell this story so that others can see it and share that the darkest person can find the light.

“Now I have friendships, stay neighbors and kids can enjoy playing with their grandchildren. I think it’s really cool to share this with people. I like us. You love me. I met when I was arrested because I just want to show others that life is good. “