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Man lit up a cigarette near oxygen tank, suffers third degree burns



WEST JORDAN, UT — John Fox, 75 ended up in a hospital with severe burns after his house caught on fire. He was using oxygen tank and lit a cigarette too close to it.

“He lit a cigarette and dropped it, and he couldn’t stop it. It was just seconds before the house started in flames,” his friend Brandy King said.

The severity of the burns keeps their hopes down, says King. The doctors are skeptical about his recovering due to his age, and they fear that an infection of the burns will probably take his life.

“So 10% of his body has third-degree burns. They won’t skin graph any of that because his skin is so fragile, and it just won’t take,” King said. “He has weeks, if not months, to live.”

King was on her way home from work when the tragic incident happened.

“If I was home just a few more minutes before, you know, maybe I could have helped or been there to make sure that didn’t happen,” King said.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe  campaign to help with medical expenses when Fox gets out of the hospital into hospice care.